Organic recycling at its finest

SIERRA SOIL is an environmentally responsible, customer-service focused company producing nutrient rich, ORGANIC compost and topsoil products of the highest quality.

We are located in the beautiful City of San Juan Capistrano serving Orange County homeowners, landscapers and businesses for over 40 years.

Experts in our local soil conditions, we are dedicated to providing consistent products that are weed and seed free. Quality control is essential! Careful management practices and composting techniques that exceed regulations ensure the richest Compost, Topsoil, Planter Mixes, Mulch, and more.


Proud to serve our community

Take a look at the beautiful gardens of the Mission San Juan Capistrano and you will see why it is called the "Jewel Of The Missions". The volunteers of the hard-working Gardening Angels affectionately call our ORGANIC Compost "MISSION MULCH", and we are happy to be a part of preserving and enhancing this historic landmark. 

We consider it a privilege to donate our premium materials to the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano, to local school gardens, and to historical city projects, including the Montanez Adobe project.


The Benefits of Organic Compost and Mulching

The marvels of mulching and amending your existing soil with ORGANIC compost are truly impressive!

Our quality compost improves clay and sandy soils by providing better drainage, aeration and water conservation (up to 50%). Improved moisture retention prevents excess water runoff, resulting in less pesticide and fertilizer use. All of these factors mean less cost to you! 

Organic material supports your plant health by providing nutrients, encouraging root growth, and maintaining soil temperature. It attracts earthworms and healthy biolife, and improves resistance to plant diseases and pests. A layer of Compost/Mulch provides excellent weed control - resulting in less work for you!

If you do only one thing for your landscape - simply topdress your gardens with our Compost/Mulch for a beautifully finished look, and watch it do its magic!



Proud Supplier to the Mission San Juan Capistrano

Veteran Owned


our ORGANIC products

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Deliveries Only

We deliver BULK material by the "cubic yard".  Minimum 5 yards for delivery, plus a delivery fee depending on location of delivery.  Please call for pricing.

FYI: 1 cubic yard of material covers approximately 160 sq.ft. at 2 inches deep.


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm